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Ultimate Moving Guide

Feeling overwhelmed about moving home? Don’t know where to start? 


We understand how stressful moving can be, therefore we have created a step by step guide to make things a little easier moving home. By following some of these simple steps we hope to remove some of that added stress when relocating and make the process more enjoyable and bring the excitement back for you and your family


Packing Tips: 

-Empty all cupboards and drawers to make any larger items lighter to Carry


-If there is a small distance to the front door to save multiple runs with boxes you may want to purchase a truck (B&Q have these). Please note all our vans are equipped with these


-Place any loose items into boxes to also save multiple trips and result in a longer day. 


-Bubble wrap any pictures/mirrors or fragile items. 


-Bubble wrap any tv screens. If you remove tv feet you can purchase tv boxes online if you have already disposed of these by searching for what inch tv you possess. These will fit inside and will give you extra piece of mind. Slightly Larger sized boxes are recommended as you can wrap blankets/towels/towels around them to give additional protection. 


-Label boxes in accordance with the correct rooms they are to go in at the new property. Also label any boxes that are fragile so you remember to not stack heavier boxes on top.


-Wrap any cups / plates / smaller fragile objects in packing paper/paper sheets before placing them in a box and label fragile. 


-Use black bin liners for any covers / cushions / pillows as this will save using more boxes than what’s needed. 


-When packing clothes some people prefer to use vacuum pack bags, bin liners or transport in their car. We actually provide plastic wardrobe cartons with rails (3x pair van) to utilise free of charge on the day of your move and the team will load and offload these. If opting to carry out the removal yourself you can purchase cardboard wardrobe cartons online.


-If carrying out the dismantle and assembly of furniture yourself, place any screws back into separate pieces or place in small bags and store in a safe place so these do not get misplaced. If unsure how to dismantle and rebuild furniture there are plenty of videos and tutorials online and would encourage taking photos of items before they are dismantled so you know how the item goes back together. 


-Store any important documents / keys in a safe place, label or keep to one side. The last thing you want is your movers loading these first, resulting in you being unable to get access to these or getting hidden behind mountains of boxes at the new property. 


-Place any mattresses into mattress bags. These can also be purchased online. Please note we provide padded mattress protective bags with handles to transport these on the day of your move to ensure they stay clean.


-Place any liquids into plastic crates so they don’t leak or spill in transit. 


-Remove feet from tables prior to your move day to ensure they can be removed from the property.


-Remove TV brackets from walls and wrap bubble wrap around these. 


-If you are planning on taking any curtains with you, remove poles from walls and place the curtains in black bin liners. 


-Remove bulbs from any lamps or chandeliers to prevent them from breaking. 


-If opting to carry out the move yourself, purchase removal blankets to protect surfaces in case you need to stack any items in the van to save multiple runs. Please note all of our vans are equipped with removal blankets and addition equipment and materials to ensure all your worldly possessions are transported safely and securely


If you don’t want the hassle of following any tips above why not get in touch to request a quote for our professional full packing service. This would mean we would carry out all relevant steps above and more to save you the time and stress. 


Storage preparation tips: 


-Place mattresses into plastic protective bags to stop them gathering dust / getting dirty. These can be purchased online. 


-If storing any clothing in storage you may want to purchase cardboard wardrobe cartons online to save the hassle of having to iron these when coming out of storage. Please note all of our vans are equipped with 3x wardrobe cartons per van but we don’t supply these, we only use them on the day of your move to transport clothing so having your own is advised Another option is just using suitcases or vacuum pack bags. 


-Excessively bubble wrap any delicate possessions, mirrors or pictures as items will be loaded and unloaded multiple times. 


-Have plenty of spare boxes at hand just in case furniture needs stacking on top of one another to fit in the unit. This will protect surfaces when items are off the van. 


-Place any sofas / chairs in plastic protective bags to prevent the items being exposed to dust and protect fabric if the sofas need standing on its side to free up space in the storage facility. These can also be purchased online. 

Step by step moving guide:


4 weeks before:

-Get removal estimates. Contact Bran and Van Removals for a free quote. 

-Decide on a removal company (Bran and Van Removals).

-Order Packing Supplies and moving boxes.

-Start decluttering.

-Book installation date with your energy provider. 

-Consider if you’re needing storage and if items will fit / you have the space for the items at your new property. 

-Notify / Start Changing addresses : 

Subscriptions, Bank, Phone, Employer, Insurances, Mail, DVLA, Electoral roll, Energy provider, Tv license, Doctors, dentist and others. 


2 weeks before:

-Begin packing non essential items. 

-Organise childcare and pet care. 

-Organise storage.


1 week before: 

-Start packing majority of contents.

-Plan Meals to use food up.

-Check in with the solicitor. 

-Move any items wanting to go into storage (we can do this for you).


1 day before: 

-Check all boxes are packed and labelled, ready for move day. 

-Put any important documents or items to one side you don’t want movers to transport. 

-Check in with your removal company (us).

-Check in with your solicitor and estate agent. 


Move day:

-Disconnect all appliances. 

-Walk around your property with the movers to identify what’s not to be moved. 

-Before the movers depart do one last walk around with them to ensure no items are left behind.

-Deep clean your property once the movers have loaded. 

-Take meter readings before you lock up. 

-Drop your old keys off with the estate agent and collect your new keys once completion has happened. 

-Once your movers have offloaded all contents into the correct room check the vans front and back to make sure you’re satisfied all your items are in the property. 

-Start unpacking. 

-Lastly find the nearest takeaway and relax!

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